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Anxiety post ahead:

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Video 31 Mar

Trip to L.A.:

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Text 27 Mar General Life Ramble
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thoughts on harboring stress

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Text 10 Jan

Ahh, poor brice. There’s a chance he won’t see jason and amber before they leave tonight, since today is a really important work day.

They’ve all been playing League of Legends non-stop, in the middle of all the packing and craziness this week. I barely remember how brice reacted when jason moved to texas for work, but i understand that feeling of being separated from a best friend.

Part of me has been annoyed, knowing that all the time playing games is because of that feeling, and it keeps him from getting quick priorities done. A call to an apartment complex that takes 5 minutes isn’t going to stop a game of league that will last 30-60 min, especially when you need all 5 people to be ready before a game starts.

We won’t have internet for 2 weeks now since brice swore they could disconnect and reconnect our service “really quickly”. I think the kicker to that is really how much brice will miss playing league in that interim. Bleh.

Text 28 Dec 2013 Year-End Review and other ramblings

Ultra-long post ahead

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Text 30 Nov

Signed in because i’m just having a shit night and i don’t know what to do.

I guess a couple a things are happening recently that has sort of thrown the balance off. Jason and amber will be moving to LA in january for jobs, so suddenly brice and i need to find a nee place to live and i guess no one is particularly looking forward to splitting. Just a sort of air of unease about settling things

Right now i just. Don’t know why i feel like i did something wrong though. I just got this cold feeling from brice, he was bring really distant for no reason at all. And just a while ago when he tried helping me fix a broken piece of an expensive figure he made it worse by accident and it was just heartbreaking for me to see it. I know he tried but it just made me upset, and now i guess i have a reason to be mad at him but i don’t want to be? I just want to not feel shitty anymore between being mostly ignored and then having something irreplaceable broken.

And i’m sorry for the lack of a text cut, the tumblr mobile app just doesn’t have a way to do it. I’m just curled up crying and i just want to not feel like things are falling apart for no reason suddenly

Text 10 Nov

Dream below cut. Warning for gorey details?

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Text 10 Nov 1 note

Stream of consciousness below cut.

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