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life update: the good, the bad, and the bliblis

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on job search and racism

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some reflections on recent events under the cut

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my problem is me

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Text 5 Aug

well I feel a bit silly

One of the jobs I applied for through a staffing agency turned me down, so I navigated the main site and found out that they had my old information from college.

I updated everything now, so there’s another job that’s pending we’ll see how that goes. 

Still, a little annoyed that when I initially applied for the job it made me type a small summary for why I’m interested but didn’t ask to double check my information which I had to log in separately to update.


there’s a small side of me that feels like I’ll be all “haa look who’s crawling back” when I get job offers later. But seriously… staffing agencies and people looking to hire only seem to want to contact me when I’m already busy..

Text 4 Aug

tmi again

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i rambled a lot and then it turned into a self pep-talk

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